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Every pilot is different, and many aircrafts complex. Whether you want to start a career in aviation, or you’ve been flying for years, you will need to get the highest quality flight training to ensure the safety of all aboard the flight.

John Azma FLT Pilot Examiner, of Azma FLT, Inc., offers his flight students a unique experience. He syllabus is not like that of a larger flight training school. Instead he evaluates each flight student and creates a personalized course training based on previous education and experience.

Azma FLT, Inc. provides a variety of type ratings coursework and certifications. If you are seeking a private pilot license, airline transport pilot license, commercial pilot license, John Azma will be able to help. As an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, he will be able to design and carry out a plan of action that will ensure your success as a highly skilled pilot.

If you already have a pilot’s license, then you will find that it is necessary to select the right flight school to obtain the new amount of flight hours required by the FAA. Azma FLT, Inc. will able to assist in customizing a flexible course schedule at a location convenient for you. If you are a pilot in the Orlando, FL area, they have an office location at the Orlando International Airport.

Approved and qualified to perform practical tests with new and experienced pilots alike, John Azma, has experience in both single engine and multi-engine aircraft. He offers Citation 500 Type Rating Courses, Citation 510, Citation 525, Citation 650 Type Rating Courses, Mustang Citation Type Rating Courses, LR-JET Lear Jet, RA-390 Beechcraft, and DA-50 Falcon.

Now the most recent crash landing in San Francisco, it will be imperative that all pilots go back for more training, and to make certain they know, understand, and follow any new regulations required by the FAA. It is devastating when the news reports on a flights’ crash landing.

Many lives have been lost to plane accidents, and in light of investigations performed on the Colgan crash in 2009, the FAA announced that co-pilots are to have at least 1500 flight training hours now. Choose John Azma, as mentor and instructor, he is proficient, and an FAA approved pilot examiner for practical proficiency exams.

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